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つよい光さ、 欲しいものなら全部奪いつくせ!

things I cherish in My life (●´□`)♡ KinKi Kids & Arashi

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♥嵐♥KinKi Kids♥
(about a girl yet a woman)
Hello, I am Ritchan. An Indonesian fangirl who really love about Japan. Born in  平成元, yes, I am not teenager anymore yet an adult. I am sagittarius and have a B-like A blood-type. I may seem to be a really cheerful one but actually an introvert & gloomy person (*T▽T*)
I am a little bit perverted fanfic writer, also a freelance (unprofesional) interpreter. I love costume-play, watching j-dramas, writing and drawing.
I also love food! I love spicy one and I really love Japanese food ♥ but I really weak at cooking, maybe I cannot be a good wife *sobs*
(I know I am damn late!) I start to be a fangirl since february of 2012. Before it, I really love Japanese visual kei band, and cosplay-ing. I've enjoyed 5 year of my time for those hobby w(´・ω・`)w
Now I still studying Japanese education at s, plus I talk a little English is really help me in this fandom. I always wish I could be a full-time fangirl.
I am not good on talking about my self or describing something. I am not used to it ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ Sorry!
(about my fandom)
I really need to put this clear! I have two fandom. Arashi and their direct senior, KinKi Kids.
I have a lot of delusions and highly admiration for them
but basicly I love Johnny's senpai group

But really I love Johnny's since I know more deep about Johnny's boys. Call me day-dreaming girl, since I really gonna catch them ! Because for me is always : Arashi for dream, KinKi Kids forever.

My journal is containing all my works as a fangirl, my fanfics, and a bit my real life things. I write in Indonesian and only some english fanfics due to lack of international language ability. I am also a newbie one of niji_no_kakera 's translator.
Please be kind with me !

Intro : はじめまして、私の名はキキです。
今は嵐とキンキのファンになってよかった O(≧∇≦)O
夢が 見つけますから、応援してください

P.S まだ大学生なんで、早く卒業したいです。Full-time fangirl を召さします
KinKi Kids

Arashi :

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I am a newbie Arashi fan, I fall and addicted to Arashi since February of 2012. Why I am so late to know them?!
My ichiban is dear Mr. Sakurai Sho. And my OTP is Sakuraiba! <3 But I most like Arashi when they are all togather!
KinKi Kids :
My lovely ever Prince is Mr. Domoto Koichi. Falling right after watching SHOCK on July of 2013. I also love Tsuyoshi as much as I love Ko-chan ! I'm not lying :D
I love KKL more than anything!
free to add me and talk to me here

I will reach my dream no matter what...

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